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Dr. Shane W. Davis has over 15 years of plastic surgery experience and is considered one of Nevada's top mommy makeover surgeons (5 star reviews, award winning, amazing results)

Hi I'm Dr. Davis.

As a surgeon, one of the constants of my vocation has been the dissatisfaction mothers feel grappling with their body in the wake of conceiving an offspring—like they'll never have the capacity to recover their old figure, regardless of how hard they workout or how sound they eat.

All things considered, it's not miserable. Actually, I've helped numerous ladies recently like you recover their lost figures, as well as surpass their desires. What's more, I do this with a sort of consolidated procedure called a mommy makeover.

Whatever your purpose behind needing a mommy makeover, chances are it's superbly typical. There's nothing amiss with needing to reestablish your mid-section and stomach region to their previous greatness. It's a characteristic craving to need to look and feel excellent, and having youngsters isn't the end of the line for your body.

I treat each individual who strolls through our entryways like the focal point of consideration, which is the way I'm ready to create the ideal arrangement—with you as my co-pilot—to accomplish the body you're longing for.

In case you're prepared to begin, I trust you'll contact us ASAP to plan a free conference. There, I'll answer the greater part of your inquiries, and all the more imperatively figure out if or not a mommy makeover is a good fit for you.

Award Winning

Patients' Choice! Patients have picked Dr. Davis as one of Nevada's top plastic surgeons every year since 2008.

Why Patients Dr. Davis as their Plastic Surgeon

Top Schooling and Over 15 Years of Experience

As president of the Nevada State Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Davis has immense preparing and tutoring over all parts of plastic surgery and patient consideration. He's perceived by the ASPS (the main authority leading group of plastic surgery) as a board-guaranteed surgeon, and directed a huge number of effective procedures in the course of recent years.

That implies Dr. Davis is expertly prepared to handle pretty much any procedure for any patient—you included. On the off chance that you have a dream, he'll help you breath life into it.

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Results Patients Love

Plastic surgery achievement must be measured with patient bliss, which is the reason Dr. Davis' patients have routinely voted him one of Nevada's best surgeons on Real Self, and why he's gotten astounding results for patients the whole way across the world.

Getting your fantasy results doesn't happen by enchantment—it's a result of the patient-first attitude Dr. Davis brings with every last one of his patients. You'll invest a great deal of energy counseling with Dr. Davis, where he'll make sense of precisely how you need your procedure to turn out, making you his co-pilot and accomplice in achievement.

That implies less agony and scarring for you, and the outcomes you've generally needed.

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Amazing Spa-like Facilities

Flexibility implies giving a one-stop shop to the greater part of your plastic surgery needs. Dr. Davis' Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa offers precisely that, as a warm, welcoming office for counsels, arrangements and even surgical procedures.

With Dr. Davis, you'll never need to stress over procedures performed at new healing facilities or surgery focuses.

Adaptability implies offering patients plentiful and liberal booking opportunities, and being accessible Monday through Saturday for arrangements—since holding up and pharmaceutical don't generally need to go as an inseparable unit.

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Your Questions: Answered

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

A few variables become possibly the most important factor here. Above all else, what is a mommy makeover? A mommy makeover focuses on the two zones most influenced by pregnancy—your mid-section and your stomach. Actually, the more you'd like to enhance your mid-section and stomach, the better an applicant you are for the joined procedure.

It's additionally critical to note that your weight must be steady heading into the procedure. That implies you can't hope to wind up pregnant sooner rather than later, and your body is as of now at a steady, solid weight.

On the off chance that only your stomach territory or breasts need enhancement, a tummy tuck or breast augmentation alone might be favored. The best way to know without a doubt is to meet with a surgeon and measure the greater part of your choices.

How long will it take for me to recover after the procedures?

Your mommy makeover recuperation likely won't take the length of you think! Truth be told, mommy makeovers are an outpatient surgery, so you'll have the capacity to head home that day as your procedure.

Far superior news—joining a breast augmentation with a tummy tuck doesn't really expand your recuperation time. You'll need 1-2 weeks off work, and a 4-6 week break from hard work. Obviously, check with your surgeon for the specifics of your recuperation arrangement.

How do I get started?

The least demanding approach to begin on your mommy makeover is to contact Dr. Davis today! We'll plan a free, no-commitments meetings where you'll get every last one of your inquiries replied.

Meeting with a prepared surgeon is the most ideal approach to see whether a mommy makeover is a good fit for you. How about we begin constructing the new you.

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