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Dr. Shane W. Davis has over 15 years of plastic surgery experience and is considered one of Nevada's top male breast reduction surgeons (5 star reviews, award winning, amazing results)

Hi I'm Dr. Davis.

On the off chance that you've been inadequate with regards to fearlessness due to gynecomastia, you're not the only one. Consistently in the US, a huge number of men decide on male breast reduction surgery. Indeed, it's the most widely recognized plastic surgery procedure for men.

Lamentably, hitting the rec center and eating the right nourishment doesn't generally construct the manly mid-section a great many. That is on the grounds that breast tissue—not at all like normal muscle to fat ratio ratios—can never be totally dispensed with without surgery. The uplifting news? There's no disgrace in gynecomastia, however there is a simple arrangement.

As a plastic surgeon, I play out what's coming to me of male breast reductions. Throughout the years, I've found the most ideal approach to ensure perfect results for my patients has been to truly listen to their requirements, permitting me to create a definitive arrangement for their procedure and recuperation.

In case you're in a comparable situation the same number of my past patients, I encourage you to reach immediately to plan a free discussion. No attempt to close the deal, just you and me examining how to construct the manly mid-section you merit.

Award Winning

Patients' Choice! Patients have picked Dr. Davis as one of Nevada's top plastic surgeons every year since 2008.

Why Patients Dr. Davis as their Plastic Surgeon

Top Schooling and Over 15 Years of Experience

Dr. Davis' board confirmation originates from the ASPS, the main authority leading group of plastic surgery—and the affirmation your surgeon must be reliable.

In the course of recent years, Dr. Davis has helped a large number of patients (numerous simply like you) accomplish a body they can at last feel good with. Whether your necessities are perplexing or basic, Dr. Davis is superbly prepared to breath life into your vision.

Also, Dr. Davis broad preparing and experience are likewise part of the motivation behind why he was assigned president of the Nevada State Plastic Surgery Society.

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Results Patients Love

Some specialists simply don't comprehend the contrast between "patient fulfillment" and "patient satisfaction," which is the reason therapeutic experts some of the time get a notoriety of being chilly and far off with their patients.

Dr. Davis' patient-first outlook is one reason he's ready to reliably get the outcomes his patients need, and why his past and current patients rate him one of Nevada's most gifted and expert specialists on Real Self, over and over.

Minimize torment, minimize scarring, boost bliss. It's that straightforward.

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Versatility and Flexibility

Dr. Davis' cutting edge restorative spa explains two of our patients' most serious issues—strict planning and lacking nearby offices for significant surgeries.

Dr. Davis is accessible from Monday to Saturday for patient interviews and planning surgeries, making it amazingly simple for you to complete your surgery and get on with whatever remains of your life.

Besides, his office offers a full surgery focus, which means you'll never need to drive most of the way crosswise over town to spend the night in a peculiar clinic—we have all that you require, all in one advantageous area.

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Your Questions: Answered

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for gynecomastia tissue removal?

To start with, it's critical to figure out if or not you have gynecomastia. In the event that you've been practicing and right now achieved a sound weight—yet have augmented breasts—chances are higher you have gynecomastia.

Breast tissue can be a blend of greasy stores and glandular tissue, the previous of which can be evacuated with liposuction, and the last which requires cuts. Regardless, the best way to know without a doubt is to meet with a prepared plastic surgeon, and figure out which procedure—assuming any—is best for you.

How long will it take for me to recover after the procedure?

Since male breast reductions are a moderately non-meddling procedure, recuperation time is negligible.

Despite the fact that you'll be encouraged to wear a pressure piece of clothing for 2-3 weeks taking after your surgery, you can come back to work in only a couple days, and resume ordinary physical action inside a month.

Most wounding and swelling will disseminate following 6 weeks, despite the fact that it's prescribed to maintain a strategic distance from sun introduction for 6 months after your surgery.

How do I get started?

The speediest approach to begin on the way to a more manly, certain you is to plan a FREE counsel with Dr. Davis today. You'll meet with him in a totally casual environment, free from deals weight, where you'll get the greater part of your inquiries replied.

What do you need to lose? Get in touch with us today, and see whether a breast reduction is a good fit for you.

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