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Dr. Shane W. Davis has over 15 years of plastic surgery experience and is considered one of Nevada's top liposuction surgeons (5 star reviews, award winning, amazing results)

Hi I'm Dr. Davis.

Liposuction is a standout amongst the most well known cosmetic procedures in the US, and all things considered. Done right, liposuction can convey amazing results with almost no down time and no scarring, contrasted with more obtrusive procedures.

There's no shame joined to getting liposuction. More than 200,000 Americans experience the procedure consistently, so chances are great you know somebody who's either had the surgery or is considering completing it.

The way to astonishing results with liposuction is that you meet a surgeon who invests enough energy making sense of precisely what figure you're attempting to accomplish. That is the reason I invest such a great amount of energy in conference with my patients, and it's the reason I approach pharmaceutical with as quite a bit of an individual touch as I can.

In the event that you need to take in more about liposuction—and how to accomplish the body you had always wanted—contact for a free discussion, where I'll answer your inquiries, audit your therapeutic history, and figure out whether a liposuction is ideal for you and your body.

Award Winning

Patients' Choice! Patients have picked Dr. Davis as one of Nevada's top plastic surgeons every year since 2008.

Why Patients Dr. Davis as their Plastic Surgeon

Top Schooling and Over 15 Years of Experience

Dr. Davis is a board-ensured plastic surgeon, perceived by the official ASPS for his experience and expertise. With first class tutoring and preparing in an assortment of medicinal situations, Dr. Davis is likewise the president of the Nevada State Plastic Surgery Society.

In addition, Dr. Davis has performed more than one thousand plastic surgery procedures to date—with pretty much the same number of amazingly cheerful patients subsequently. Also, despite the fact that each body is extraordinary, rest guaranteed Dr. Davis has played out a limitless cluster of surgeries for individuals simply like you, individuals now driving more content, more beneficial lives.

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Results Patients Love

Accomplishment in surgery must be measured by patient fulfillment. What's more, if Dr. Davis' unfathomable evaluations on Real Self are any sign, his patients couldn't be more content.

Since Dr. Davis invests so much energy meeting with and becoming more acquainted with his patients, he's ready to construct the most customized surgery and recuperation arrangement for your individual needs. He gets the outcomes you yearning, period—and all with small scarring and agony, a quick recuperation, and a grin a mile wide.

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An Amazing Surgery Center

Dr. Davis assembled his restorative spa to address one of the key issues confronting plastic surgeons—surgery gear is huge and immoderate, which means most surgeons were compelled to utilize neighborhood healing facilities to perform procedures rather than their own particular workplaces.

Dr. Davis' office offers the best of both universes, with the comfort of a major healing center and the glow of a private office. That implies you'll have the capacity to meet with Dr. Davis and have your procedure under the same rooftop, without the bother of awakening in an uncomfortable surgery focus on the opposite side of town.

What's more, to make things considerably less demanding for you, Dr. Davis offers to a great degree adaptable booking 6 days for every week, from Monday to Saturday. It's an ideal opportunity to begin arranging your procedure around your life, rather than your life around your procedure.

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Your Questions: Answered

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for liposuction?

The best contender for liposuction are:

  • Non-smokers;
  • Grown-ups inside 30% of their optimal body weight, and with versatile skin and great muscle tone;
  • Generally solid;
  • Those with a peppy disposition and reasonable desires of what your outcomes will be.

All things considered, the best way to know without a doubt is to counsel a qualified surgeon.

How long will it take for me to recover after the procedure?

Recuperation from liposuction differs, however swelling could last up to 6 weeks. Likewise, you can expect wounding and provisional loss of sensation for a couple days to two or three weeks in the skin covering your focused on territories.

Fortunately, liposuction is an outpatient procedure. That implies you'll be home that night as your surgery.

Are there financing options and how do I get started?

Beginning with a liposuction is straightforward—simply get in touch with us for a discussion with Dr. Davis!

The conference absolutely effortless, and there's not a single smooth attempt to make the deal in sight. It's equitable you and Dr. Davis, taking a seat to talk about your choices and see whether a liposuction is a good fit for you.

So in case you're pondering what the most ideal route is to get your fantasy body, reach immediately! What do you need to lose?

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  • And most importantly of all—an honest opinion of whether plastic surgery is RIGHT for you.
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"My consultation with Dr. Davis was fantastic. He put me at ease about my surgery, answered all of my questions and made me feel like a superstar. Thank you!"

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