About Melanie Rhoads

Hey everyone I'm Melanie, one of Dr. Jones' patients. I just wanted to share my story to hopefully inspire someone out there!

Kara’s Breast Augmentation Story

Hey, I’m Kara! I need to impart my story to you, and I trust it helps in case you’re thinking about breast augmentation. It’s a colossal choice, I know—yet ideally my encounters can reveal insight into what’s in store from the entire procedure! All things considered, let me begin by saying I’m a glad mother […]

Bad Plastic Surgeon Warning Signs

Not all specialists are made equivalent. Some are loaded with themselves, some excessively occupied for you and your issues, some vanish when you require them, and some shouldn’t direct surgeries in any case. Along these lines, instead of coaxing names out of a cap… here are five early cautioning signs that your breast augmentation ought […]